A Quick Guide to the IF, CASE, and IFNULL Statements

Although SQL isn’t a general-purpose language, it includes conditional statements with a similar structure to other languages. The classic IF and CASE statements permit for the ability to change data on the query-level instead of modifying them in another environment, such as a worksheet or a data frame.

While neither…

A Quick Tutorial for Creating a Bare Minimum Backend

Flask is a lightweight and incredibly flexible framework for creating website backends in Python. In addition to abstracting difficult web concepts, such as routing, rendering HTML documents, and handling static files, it’s easy to integrate with any of Python’s many libraries.

To show its power, this tutorial will develop a…

A Lesson in How to Train a CNN from Scratch

Nothing tells of the ubiquity of satellite imagery like Google Maps. A completely unpaid service provides anyone with internet access a entire planet’s worth of satellite imagery. While Google Maps is free, other paid alternatives exist which take photos of the earth’s surface on a more frequent basis for commercial…

A Practical Demonstration of Haar Cascades and Homography

The introduction of augmented reality (AR) in smart phones ushered a novel approach to entertainment. From playing games like Pokémon Go to making funny faces on Snapchat, AR has become a commonplace phenomenon.

While these technologies seem advanced enough to borrow from science fiction, creating a fun, Snapchat-style filter in…

Using OpenCV.js to find edges in video

The edges detected around my cat

Edge detection is a fundamental tool in computer vision. By using sharp contrasts in brightness, general outlines and shapes can be found in an image. Often used as a filter to find distinctions between items in a photo, edge detection offers a first stepping stone into object recognition.

OpenCV offers…

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